At present, the internet plays a significant role in how you conduct your business; forming part of your daily life. According to research conducted by, most entrepreneurs owning small companies either don’t have a website, or they do not know how to use one. Meaning, the majority of small and startup businesses are missing out on the multi-billion online store. Let’s face it; the internet has transformed the way we do business. It has enhanced international trade by removing the barriers so that people can trade with each other even though they could be in different corners of the world.
For this reason, you need tobuild a website to tap on this vast online market. Even where you don’t have the budget for paying web designers and developers, you can rely on a reliable website builder to launch your online business and showcase your products to the world. Moreover, customers will trust your business since websites are considered legit.
What you are currently specializing on shouldn’t matter, at this point. You have higher chances of earning a sensible income because your website will facilitate not only easy access to your products but also build trust between you and your clients. As a busy entrepreneur, you may not find ample time to build a website, or it may be that you lack the necessary skills to design and develop a website. We understand your predicament, that’s why in this article, we introduce to you E-commerce website builders. We also provide you with the basics to get you off the ground.

What is an E-commerce Website Builder?

From a layman’s point of view, it is a digital instrument that facilitates more access to designing and managing a website. In spite of your zero coding skills, you can still create a beautiful website thanks to templates or themes. After that, you can rely on an editor to customize the template thus adding uniqueness with regards to your area of specialization.
A good website builder will facilitate the following:
  • The creation of new pages. It includes the landing pages.
  • Determination of your organization and menu. Here, you can customize it to fit your criteria of need. If you deal in food, it will direct you to any food-related lists. Yours is to identify the one that suits your taste.
  • Change fonts and text formatting.
  • More straightforward navigation of elements of the page. Through the drag-and-drop feature, you will have an easier time dragging and dropping items thus making it easy to manage your tasks.
  • Upload and position the graphics. You can control how images and other graphical structures will look and their position.
  • Add essential elements to your business including the physical address, map, and contact form for suppliers. Now your clients can create a mental picture of your location. It lets them decide whether they will visit you shortly.
  • Adds media features such as video and sound effects to your site. Now, you can use a video to demonstrate what you do.
  • Add a blog- it lets you express yourself in words and illustrate any customer reviews; if there is any.

Types of website builders

Website builders are categorized into two:

Offline Website Builder

For this builder, you are required to download and install a software program on your PC. After creating your web and saving the data on your computer, you can now upload all the files to a web host. So, how will it benefit you? Here’s how. Since the software operates on your computer, you won’t require the internet to access it. Once in a while, you’ll be required to upload some of your files to a web host. For this reason, you will need a third-party input or at least have some skills to perform this function. You can purchase a web hosting account to add to the software.

Online Website Builder

These are web-based builders that operate under the supervision of the provider. Here, you are not required to download or install software to help you build your website. Instead, you can rely on browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer and reliable internet connection to make your website. Unlike the offline builder, you can access the online website builder from anywhere and through any device.

Why you should build your website

You might be interested in hiring a web designer to make your first website. They may do a pretty good job by creating an excellent website, insert your content or put decent pictures to portray uniqueness. Most of them will give their expert opinion and be quite responsive to all your questions concerning a user-friendly website. However, their services are expensive more so if you are a startup with budgetary constraints. Apart from the cost consequences, what happens once the developer is through with the project?
Imagine being held hostage to the website building company since you lack the coding skills? Anytime you want to make simple changes on a couple of things, such as the graphics, color or wording, you will be forced to look for the same professionals. Now, they may take longer than expected to respond to your request. Worse still, they may ask for additional service charges.


There is no excuse whatsoever for starting a business without a website if you want to keep up with the current consumer traits. Many people are moving away from the brick and mortar stores to buying online. If you are looking to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to embrace selling online. However, hiring a professional to build your website might be tricky especially when you want to customize your site. The goodness is that you can use a web builder even if you are a novice at coding to create a beautiful website. With the tips illustrated above, you can create and manage your site as long as you follow the right channels. Remember, you are free to choose either offline or online builders as long as you find what works for you.