Top 2 Free POS Software for Startups and Small Business

Venturing into business is tough especially for startups. You require a substantial amount of cash to meet all essential needs for starting your operations. First, as a new entrepreneur, you need to invest in conducting a feasibility study. Then you have to acquire several permits and licenses as well as register your business. All these activities are not free.

Remember, you also require inventory which is difficult to obtain on credit as a startup. As you kick off your operations, you may not have the cash to obtain a POS system. However, you need one to ensure efficiency.

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If you are experiencing the abo e scenarios, this article is meant for you. Here are the top two free POS systems that are an excellent fit for startups and small businesses:

a.    Loyverse

If you are searching for a free point of sales system with the capability of managing your inventories, customers, employees and payment processes, Loyverse is the best fit. Unlike other free POS systems, Loyverse has a large number of features available in paid options. The good thing is you get them for free. Also, its platform is user-friendly and has the best customer service.

Furthermore, the system is continually being updated by adding new features to make your sales tracking and inventory management an easy task. However, like any other free thing, it has its shortcomings.  The major one is its inability to integrate with accounting software. Nevertheless, it is a good point of sale system for small and upcoming business facing budgetary constraints.

b.    Square

For those who love customization, Square is the best free POS system to go for. With it, you can set your discounts or tips. Also, you can customize your receipts and send them through electronic means such as e-mail and SMS.

However, unlike Loyverse, you are only allowed to process up to $17,500 card sales per month. Anything beyond this amount attracts additional charges. Also, your account will be put on hold if it’s considered as a high-risk. Regardless, the affordability of its add-on features and customization is a good idea for small business and startups.

Final verdict

As you can see, regardless of your business financial situation, having a POS system is no longer a theory. With the free options, you can easily monitor the performance of your business without spending extra costs on points of sale systems.